2 - 5 Players

45 mins Playing Time

Ages 8+

The Tavern of Tales Experience

At Tavern of Tales you will feel every step of your journey along the Tokaido! Each shrine visit, farm shift, shopping spree at the market will be accompanied by authentic ambiance and sound effects bringing you from the board to Japan itself. Enjoy as you hear Japanese market vendors and inn hostesses along your journey.

About the Game

Welcome to Tokaido, the legendary East Sea Road connecting Kyoto to Edo. Here you will begin an extraordinary journey during which you will discover a thousand marvels for the first time. Contemplate the sumptuous vistas before you: the majestic mountains, peaceful coastland, and vast rice paddies. Appreciate the stopovers that punctuate your path by resting at the restorative and tranquil hot springs, tasting culinary delicacies, or purchasing souvenirs of your eventful journey. Encounter strangers that will enhance and spice up your trip. Be clear-sighted, methodical, and patient so that you don’t miss anything on this unique route, but instead can fully savor the experience the Tokaido has to offer!

Board for Above and Below

In Tokaido, you are a traveler crossing the East Sea Road in a quest of discoveries and natural marvels. Accumulate the most experiences by stopping at various spaces and participating in the corresponding action, whether it is purchasing souvenirs, meeting new people, bathing in hot springs, tasting local cuisines, or painting vistas. Players always move in order starting from the farthest to the closest from the end, which requires them to choose their moves wisely. Anticipate and decipher everyone’s strategies and moves; choose between acting for your own interests or thwarting other’s…


Base game by Antoine Bauza