The Resistance

5 Players

30 mins Playing Time

Ages 13+


The tyrannical Empire has had you under the weight of its boot for too long! It’s time to join the Resistance and strike back at the Empire, crumbling their foundation and liberating the people. But will you join the Resistance as a loyal operative or a treacherous spy, eager to gain favor and rise within the ranks of the Empire? Regardless, the war for liberty is on, and it’s up to your squad to turn the tides. Take the fight to the Empire, and trust no one!

Board for The Resistance

A party game of social deduction, The Resistance puts players in the roles of either Resistance Operatives or Imperial Spies. During each round of the game, they must work together to carry out missions against the Empire while simultaneously trying to uncover the identities of the spies who are working against them. The Leader will plan a mission, everyone will approve or disapprove the plan, and finally, those who go on the mission will choose to support or sabotage the mission. A team will win after they have won enough missions.


Base game by Don Eskridge