Eight Minute Empire

2 - 5 Players

8 - 20 mins Playing Time

Ages 13+


The horns of war are blowing and the fight for supremacy is on in Eight Minute Empire. You’ve risen to power as the head of your faction, but unfortunately, your enemies have also become the leaders of their respective factions. This shall not stand! As ruler, you’ll need to manage the troops; conquer and improve your territory; and gather resources to make your empire rich. Build an empire strong enough to crush your foes once and for all!

Board for Eight Minute Empire

An area control game with a set collection element to it, Eight Minute Empire calls upon you to lead your troops and claim as much land and resources as possible. Each turn, pick one of six available orders to simultaneously manage your troops and gain resources. Control the most land and monopolize resources to gain the most points and become the strongest empire!


Base game by Ryan Laukat, Red Raven Games