Development Update: May 2019

Hi all, it’s been a while since our last dev update and we have lots to tell you. May was a fun month for us! We debuted our take on Mysterium, spooking plenty of people. We researched some more games to add to our sound enhanced roster. But, most importantly, we’re excited to finally say that construction has finally started! It’s been a long gruelling road but we’ve finally broken ground over at 1480 Tremont. Here are a few pics:

Construction 1.png
Construction 2.png

Soon we’ll close up the floors and start putting up the walls. It’ll be a beaut and we can’t wait!

Construction 3.png
Construction 4.png

That’s all of our pics for now, but don’t worry, with our future development updates we’ll be taking time to talk about the progress of the construction. As for the rest of May. Our Mysterium event, went really well and we’re glad to meet so many people who were interested in Tavern of Tales. Thank you all who came and gave their feedback on the game so we can improve it for opening. As it stands we’re at a point where our focus will be, of course, construction, and bolstering our roster of games so we can give you all the greatest adventures beyond the board. In the meantime, here’s a few other updates!

May Progress:


  • We’re always on the lookout for voice actors! We’re adding a section to our Jobs page which will detail the various voice acting positions and audition information. It’ll be up and running soon!

Eight Minute Empire:

  • Japanese voice lines have been re-recorded.

  • Searching for Chinese and German voice actors. Check our website for more information.

The Resistance:

  • We’ve heard the feedback from the last Resistance event and we’re changing the turn order slightly to make the process more streamlined.

  • We’re also going to have Chain 3 and Chain 4 ready for opening.

Forbidden Island:

  • Narrator 3 and 4 are in progress and will be ready for opening.


  • Thanks to all who came to Taste of the Tavern! Thanks to your feedback we’re fixing up some minor errors and getting everything cleaned up for opening.

Unnamed Games:

  • We’re looking into two games right now hoping to get them both ready for our opening. Keep posted here for updates. We’ll be needing voice actors, so check in on our auditions page for more information.

And remember, if you want more updates or know how we’re doing as we get closer to our opening, follow us on our various social media channels! Talk to you soon!