Tavern Talks: Lourdes Martinez

Welcome to Tavern Talks, where we talk with the very people who make Tavern of Tales what it is. Today we’re talking with the Spy Handler from our “The Resistance” project, Lourdes Martinez.

JP: How/ why did you get into voice acting?

L: That’s actually all Nicholas Chen. He posted on Facebook, around the time that he graduated, and I was looking for work. I posted back and it ended up becoming this thing that I did over the course of the year, so that’s really how I got into it.  

JP: Generally what’s your range in roles, usually?

L: My range in roles, I usually get pinned down as the nice girl...and that’s about it.

JP: Well that leads into my next question: do you ever find yourself being type-casted in roles due to you being on the younger side?

L: Oh yeah. All the time. I’ll walk into rooms and one of the first things they’ll say to me if it’s a role that’s, like, in the early twenties--I think I just went for a part that was twenty-three and I’m twenty three, for the record, uh, and I walked in and they were like, “Oh you look sixteen.” So I usually get cast as the nice young high school girl.

JP: What’s been your favorite role to play so far?

L: Oh, um, also right after I got out of college, a professor from BU reached out to me and had this little proposal for me to come out and audition for a film called, Zoe and Bryn, and it ended up turning out to be the best experience. We filmed over the course of ten days. And it’s about these two girls that meet in a movie theater and end up spending the entire night up and walking around through this town and talking about their lives and their goals and things that had happened to them and end up connecting on a very profound level. It was just amazing to not be the sixteen year old high school girl, but it’s also a beautiful story about love and connection and it’s still with me today.      

JP: Outside of voice acting, do you have any other passions or hobbies you like to partake in?

L: Yes, so I actually bar back for a restaurant in JP, shameless plug, Canary Square, come out guys! And I actually really like it. It’s a fast paced environment and you’re learning how to make drinks and who doesn’t wanna be the person who makes drinks and hosts? So, yeah, I bar back and write, I write a lot of poetry. It’ll never see the light of day, but I write.

JP: Now seeing as the Spy Handler is a more of mean hearted character, is there any prep work/ inspiration you take into consideration before approaching that persona?

L: So the first time that I walked in, I had no idea what to expect. It was really interesting, because Nick gave me this two second breakdown right before I started, and I had read the script beforehand, but he gave me this two minute spiel and he was like, you know, just like, “Crisp, clean, professional...and you’re in charge of them!” And that was about my introduction into it. Now that I’ve spent time with Nick and working with him, I have a sense of what he’s looking for. I can understand--we communicate better. So it’s his project and I want to stick to his vision of what this project is, so a lot of it just comes from, you test something out and he gives me input, and now I can communicate better with him and understand what he’s explaining to me more, which really formulates the character.