Tavern Time: Stillwater Extra Dry

Stillwater Extra Dry

Welcome to Tavern Time, where Christy (a craft beer connoisseur) and I (a writer who drinks)  talk about and review local businesses, breweries, random craft beers, and drinks we’ll be providing at Tavern of Tales. Today we’ll be talking about a craft beer created by Stillwater Artisanal, Extra Dry.

Before I get into our review of the beer, let me first talk about the gypsy brewery itself, Stillwater Artisanal. They seem to be a more unique and kind of funky brewery. It was spearheaded by fellow Baltimorean and former DJ/ Producer, Brian Strumke. After making his mark by creating weird concoctions and winning awards while doing so, he started to expand his beer brewing, essentially using the excesses of other breweries to make Stillwater’s products. Their website is pretty emblematic of Strumke’s time as a DJ. Their titles for their other products, the shifting colors, their altering images scream of a company that understands current pop culture. Though there were no sounds, I could tell that there’d be nice lo-fi beats banging around had they decided to include audio, but now that I’ve finished gushing about the brewery, let’s talk about the beer.


C: The color of the can is very baby boy blue, like it would be a great drink to have at a hipstery gender reveal party if the baby were a boy.

JP: I don’t exactly know what any of that means, but it looks aesthetically pleasing. It’s a simple design. And I’d like to say I chose this beer for that very reason, but it’s actually because of the katakana on the can.

C: Wow, that’s nerdy.

JP: Yeah. I know. I’m a weeb.

C: Anyway, I also like that they’re pint size cans.

JP: Because tall boys hold more beer?

C: Yes...but also because I think all beer should be in pint size cans, it just looks better.


C: Let’s smell the beer for a second, try to get out its scent.

JP: Sure…

C: So what do you think it smells like?

JP: Trees, maple trees to be specific.

C: I...is there something wrong with your sense of smell?

JP: No. It just smells like trees.

C: That’s not right. It smells like rice. Smell it again.

JP: Oh. Yeah. There it is. Makes sense too, since it’s a sake inspired beer and all.

C: Now next is the taste, and it lives up to its name. It’s dry, yet refreshing, crisp.

JP: Yeah. It’s weird. I usually don’t like dry things, you know, like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and gets every-

C: I’m going to just cut you off there. The crisp taste is pretty food friendly too. I could see myself eating this with a nice plate of sushi.

JP: It feels as though it could really go with any quick bite, I’d prefer pizza though.

C: You always say pizza, though.

JP: So? Maybe pizza just goes with everything.


C: I think this is an excellent beer, all in all.

JP: Are we gonna give it a score?

C: No. But we should add it to Tavern of Tales’ taps.

JP: Yeah, it’d probably be a hit. Won’t get customers too drunk, cause it’s low alcohol, but it’s refreshing and doesn’t taste like water. Can we give it a seal of approval then?

C: Yeah. Tavern of Tales approved!