Development Update Jan. 2019


Now that we’re nearly a month into 2019, we thought it’d be a great time to share more updates for the progress behind Tavern of Tales. It’s been a pretty productive month so far, mainly focusing on our “Taste of the Tavern” that’ll be happening this upcoming weekend.

January Progress:

  • The Resistance:

    • Chain 1 has been fully programmed and will be ready for “Taste of the Tavern.”

    • Chain 2 is close to completion and may be available at “Taste of the Tavern” please inquire with your Game Master for more details.

    • Sound effects have been finessed since previous iteration.

  • Above and Below:

    • Script is complete

      • Auditions for Narrator Role have begun and should come to a close by the end of the month

      • Misc. Characters have begun recording

      • Break down for miscellaneous character roles has been completed

        • Auditions for miscellaneous voice actor roles has begun

        • If interested in auditioning for these roles please email for more details.

    • Composition is in steady progress

  • Eight Minute Empire:

    • Research has begun to finesse translations

      • If you’re interested in helping us translate or voice one the following languages please email us at for more details.

        • Chinese

        • Japanese

        • German

        • French

  • New Game

    • We’ve begun work on a new game and will reveal more details when we’re further along.

  • Rent-A-Rooms

    • We’re happy to announce that we’ll be offering our Game Rooms to be rented by the hour. With the rented room we will be providing soundscapes of a variety of ambiances (Town Market, Spooky Cave, Waterfall, etc.) with a handy guide for groups to use for their RPG games. More details to come.

  • Events:

    • “Taste of the Tavern: The Resistance” happens this upcoming weekend. If you’re going, we hope you’ll enjoy some fun rounds with friends and family. Remember to be cunning, deductive, and outright devious.

    • Next month Tavern of Tales will make an appearance at Totalcon. Look out for our booth!

      • We’ll be offering competitive games of “Eight Minute Empire”! Face off against our team and if you win, come out with a prize!