Development Update Dec. 2018


2018 has been an eventful year for us at Tavern of Tales. As a fun “Behind the Scenes” look into what we do with our games we’ll be introducing Developer Updates, essentially patch notes on what we’re currently working on. This first post will reflect on the games we’ve announced this year and also our goals within the first few months of 2019.

2018 Progress:

  • Forbidden Island

    • “The Patriot” narrator is ready to be played

    • “The Mad Scientist” narrator is ready to be played

    • “S.A.M.M.I.” narrator is ready to be played

  • Eight Minute Empire

    • 5 nations are now available to be played

      • Britain

      • France

      • Germany

      • China

      • Japan

  • Above and Below

    • Script has been completed

      • Recording has begun

    • Composition work has begun

  • The Resistance

    • Script has been reworked from previous iteration

      • Previous 64 missions have been reworked and rewritten into four “mission trees”

    • Chain 1 will be available for play at our event on Jan. 26th!

2019 Goals:

  • Forbidden Island

    • Two other narrators in the works

      • “The Fire God”

      • “The Water God”

  • Eight Minute Empire

    • Finessing of sound effects

  • Above and Below

    • Complete voice recordings

    • Complete composition work

  • The Resistance

    • Chain 2-4 will be available at opening